I am an Experience Design Director_

A truly immersive learning experience

A scalable, interactive and rich learning learning experience crafted to inspire future generations to have a passion for the marine environment.

While Creative Director at Union

SEA LIFE/The Blue Project

People, expertise, insights

We established a digital interpretation of their new brand direction and with it a total rework of their existing website that amplified their brand pillars - people, expertise and insights.

While Creative Director at Union

Russell McVeagh/Digital Brand

Inspirational journeys

A visually rich experience was created for Adventure World to inspire adventure travellers to explore the road less traveled.

While Creative Director at Union

Adventure World/Website

Illuminati owned mutant chicken farms?

We created a platform to showcase 11 video clips to dispel some of the myths gaining traction on social media about KFC.

While Creative Director at Union

KFC/11 Secrets

The most beautiful

Hand crafted from some of the world’s most luxurious materials. If there was ever a mattress that could be mistaken for a work of art, this is it. A website was crafted to suit.

While Creative Director at Union


Total transformation

A responsive and flexible new web platform was built to grow with the organisation.

While Creative Director at Union

World Vision/Transformation

A tailored experience

Reflecting camaraderie and mate-ship, pillars of the Tui brand, a unique experience is tailored to each viewer.

While Creative Director at Union

Tui/Digital Brand

Inspiring interaction

With a little magic you can pull off a multi-path living video ad that appears seamless to the viewer. Encouraging huge interaction rates, picking up four AXIS Gold awards and a Webby Honor.

While Art Director at Salt Design

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