Russell McVeagh/Digital Brand

People, expertise, insights

We established a digital interpretation of their new brand direction and with it a total rework of their existing website that amplified their brand pillars - people, expertise and insights.

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A brand new suit

Russell McVeagh, one of Auckland’s leading law firms brought DT aboard to establish a digital interpretation of its new brand direction beginning with a total rework of the company website. From the outset, Russell McVeagh had a clear aspiration for the site, that it should break new ground in the industry, going way beyond a static presentation of services to showcase what is unique about the company, its insights, its expertise but most importantly, its people.

People, expertise, insights

The idea was to take three core pillars of the company and emphasise the interactions between them. We embarked on an exploration of how we could use the striking new brand toolkit to emphasise each section; People needed a much warmer human feel, Expertise uses visuals to communicate the industries Russell McVeagh specialise in, and Insights uses technical patterns combined with imagery. With clear visual distinctions between the sections established we could then combine elements from each on any page to visualise the connections between them and how they work together to complete a total package.

A law firm with a difference

Russell McVeagh now has a strong, differentiating digital presence that truly sets the benchmark for the law sector. A brand both physical and digital, that reflects the talent and fresh new thinking, indicating a clear vision to become thought leaders and break the mould of a decidedly conservative industry.